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Rosetta Example: Respond to an unknown method call

package req nx

Define a class Example modelled after the Python version of Rosetta:

nx::Class create Example {

  :public method foo {} {return "This is foo."}
  :public method bar {} {return "This is bar."}

  :method unknown {method args} {
    set result "Tried to handle unknown method '$method'."
    if {[llength $args] > 0} {
      append result " It had arguments '$args'."
    return $result

Demonstrating the behavior in a shell:

Create an instance of the class Example:

% set e [Example new]

% $e foo
This is foo.

% $e bar
This is bar.

% $e grill
Tried to handle unknown method 'grill'.

% $e ding dong
Tried to handle unknown method 'ding'. It had arguments 'dong'.