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Installation Options

Please note the various options for installing NSF.

Getting NSF Source Release as .tar File

Name Format Size
nsf2.4.0.tar.gz tar.gz 4.9mb
nsf2.3.0.tar.gz tar.gz 4.5mb
nsf2.2.0.tar.gz tar.gz 3.1mb
nsf2.1.0.tar.gz tar.gz 3.9mb
nsf2.0.0.tar.gz tar.gz 3.8mb
nsf2.0b5.tar.gz tar.gz 2mb
nsf2.0b3.tar.gz tar.gz 2mb

To build NSF from a source release, follow the instructions in the Getting Started section.

Getting NSF Sources from Git

For active developers, interested in following closer the leading edge developments, the next scripting framework can be as well obtained via Git.

Get the NSF Artwork

Do you want to use the NSF/NX logo for your own project? In our Branding section, you find the logo in various shapes (w/o claim, powered-by) and formats (png, eps, svg). This artwork by Achim Schaffrinna  can be used and remixed under the terms of the Creative Commons By 3.0  license.