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Rosetta example: Inheritance/Multiple

Write two classes (or interfaces) Camera and MobilePhone, then write a class CameraPhone which is both a Camera and a MobilePhone.

package req nx

NX offers class-based and mixin-based multiple inheritance. The search order of features (methods, properties) along the class hierarchy is computed using a scheme equivalent with C3 linearization.

a) Class-based multiple inheritance

nx::Class create Camera
nx::Class create MobilePhone

nx::Class create CameraPhone -superclasses {Camera MobilePhone}

Show the resulting class search order:

% CameraPhone info superclasses -closure
::Camera ::MobilePhone ::nx::Object
% [CameraPhone new] info precedence
::CameraPhone ::Camera ::MobilePhone ::nx::Object

b) Mixin-based multiple inheritance

nx::Class create CameraPhone -mixins {Camera MobilePhone}
% CameraPhone info mixins
::Camera ::MobilePhone

Show the resulting class search order:

% [CameraPhone new] info precedence
::Camera ::MobilePhone ::CameraPhone ::nx::Object