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[Xotcl] patch release 2 of XOTcl 0.85

From: Gustaf Neumann <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 16:48:45 +0200

 Dear XOTcl community,

 on, you will find a patch release p2 of xotcl 0.85.

 The main fixes are:

   - propagation of special return codes (e.g. ... return -code continue ...)
     which is needed for Tk event maps, as catherine pointed out

   - first version of custom setter/getter methods for -parameter
     (see for now: apps/scripts/parameter.xotcl)
     The documented part in parameter.xotcl is intended to stay, some
     more features might be added.

 Preview for the next major release:
 Uwe has rewritten a good deal of the filters/mixins code, which is running
 through our regression test already. Among other things, this will introduce
 per object filters; this will complete our matrix of orthogonal features below:
            per object per class
    filter filter instfilter
    mixin mixin instmixin

 This is, however, a major change in the code, it will require some more
 testing etc, and it will go into the next major release.

 best regards
 -gustaf neumann