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[Xotcl] How to get library found with tclkit / Tclkit & XOTcl questions

From: Michael Schlenker <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 03:01:45 +0100


i tried to use tclkit (8.4.1, windows) with XOTcl 1.0 and always get the
annoying error message:
"Cannot locate the XOTcl library on your system!"

when i try to [package require xotcl] in tclkit.

I read the source code, where the message seems to be generated and
found that it is produced by some code that tries to modify the
auto_path on loading of the xotcl**.dll. This seems to fail when loaded
as a dll.

What has to be done to get rid of the error message and to get the
library found?

At the moment i do:
lappend auto_path [file join $xotcl-dir library]

This seems to work, if xotcl-dir is set to the lib dir used by XOTcl.

Other than those minor problems, are there any known problems using
XOTcl 1.0 with Tclkit?

Michael Schlenker