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[Xotcl] XOTcl 1.0.2 available

From: Gustaf Neumann <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 17:27:18 +0100

 Dear XOTcl community

 XOTcl 1.0.2 is available! Below is the full announcement text!

 best regards
-gustaf neumann

Announcing XOTcl 1.0.2


  XOTcl is an object-oriented extension of Tcl that was derived from
  OTcl. In short, XOTcl tries to provide a highly flexible,
  reflective, component-based, and object-oriented environment. It
  integrates language support for high level concepts which are not
  found in other languages, with reasonable performance. It prevails
  the Tcl programming style and the dynamic/introspective nature of
  the language, rather than introducing other language's styles and
  rigidness (such as C++) into Tcl.

CHANGES relative to 1.0.1 are:

  - fixes:
     * fixes for copying/moving objects to same name

     * works out of the box with AOL-server 4.0
       (no patch for AOL-server needed)

     * various small fixes and code cleanup

     * new directory structure (no nested version numbers)

     * improved object and class serializer

  - new functionality and improvements:

     * new method "ismixin": Test whether the argument is a
       mixin or instmixin of the object.

     * new method "hasclass": Test whether the argument is either
       a mixin or instmixin of the object or if it is on the class
       hierarchy of the object. This method combines the
       functionalities of istype and ismixin.

     * arguments of configure methods can start now
       with a leading "-" without ambiguity. In previous versions

         Class C -parameter {name counter}
         C c1 -name -x -counter 123

       the configuration of c1 was interpreted as follows

          method argc
          name 0
          x 0
          counter 1

       Starting with XOTcl 1.0.2 arguments can be protected
       by putting it into a list:

         C c1 [list -name -x] -counter 123

       which is interpreted as follows:

          method argc
          name 1
          counter 1

 For more details, please consult the ChangeLog

  General and more detailed information about XOTcl and its components
  can be found at

Best regards,

Gustaf Neumann
Uwe Zdun

Univ.Prof. Dr.Gustaf Neumann
Abteilung für Wirtschaftsinformatik
WU-Wien, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien