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Re: [Xotcl] cant locate package xotcl freewrap visualTcl

From: jim <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 06:29:43 -0500

jim wrote:
>i still wonder if there is a way to wrap some xotcl files into the exe
>so i dont have to rely on having the whole xotcl install on the users
>machine . since i am using just the very basic
>features of xotcl right now it seems that i wouldnt need all of those
>i have some documentation now with freewrap that explains this process
>i'm wondering about and i might be able to get it to work but dont know

>what xotcl files need to get wrapped.
While I cant speak for freewrap, (its been years..), I think that the
whole point of "wrapping" is to avoid relying on having xotcl installed
on the users machine. Maybe I am missing something...
But anyway, I can speak for tclkit and starkits, maybe you could grab
the XotclIde starkit/pack and "unwrap it" and see whats is going on..
For sure, as a minimum, you would need to include the the xotcl dll, ~
120Kbytes. If you are using some of the xotcl library procs, eg comm,
then you would add those as well...
Let me know if you some quick instructions on getting starkits up and
nicolas boretos

Hi Nicolas-

thanks for the tip. it seems to be working. I deleted the xotcl
directories off my system to test it.
I have one directory set up called c:/elevatorApp that contains 3
files... pkgIndex.tcl libxotcl1.1.dll and
elevator6.tcl .... and of course the elevator6.exe file.

seems to be all the files I need. now after I error trap I can
distribute my first small gui xotcl/tcl app on my website.