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[Xotcl] Status of the bugs I reported/could people resend their replies to those bugs

From: Jim Lynch <>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 19:37:56 -0800


Last month I reported three bugs in the configure step of the xotcl
build process. While I was reporting those bugs and for a few days
after, I was working on my mail, and so turned off the list's replying
to me at first.

Is there a different way to report bugs? Could someone tell me the
status of these bugs? Would anyone like copies of the bug reports
sent to them?

Anyway, I got my mail working, but I discovered a problem in the
list as well... During the period I had replies from the list turned
off, I expected to see all my bug reports in the archive, but each
time I sent the next bug, I checked the archive, and only my last one
showed up. To make matters worse, someone else posted to the list
in March after I did, and his/her message replaced mine.

Could the archive be configured to only accept 5 messages? But if
that's the case, the behavior of replacing the last message doesn't
make much sense. Could there be a bug in the software? Maybe the
HD where the archives are kept is out of space?

If anyone replied to my reports, could you resend the replies just
to me, at


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