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XOTcl/NX mailing list by XOTcl 1.3.1 (XOTclIDE)

From: Uwe Zdun <>
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 10:24:11 +0200

Hi Artur,

it seems there are some flaws in the new namespace handling code
that we did not foresee. In the first example, for instance, the current
namespace "::O" is not correctly set, IMHO.
I suggest: don't change your code now, but wait for the next release,
we need to fix this behavior first. After a quick assessment, I think
some larger changes to this are necessary or we remove the new namespace
handling in the next release again. Here is a version of XOTcl
with the namespace handling code disabled:

can you please verify that this version works as intended for you?

I then also produce windows binaries for this version ans likely put it
on the web.


Artur Trzewik wrote:

>XOTclIDE does not run with XOTclI 1.3.1 because
>of uncompatibility of the namespace handling.
>Thank to Michael Heca for noting it.
>I have played a little with xotcl and discovered following
>behavior incompatibility that make problems by XOTclIDE.
>package require XOTcl
>namespace import xotcl::*
>Object O
>Class O::B
>O::B instproc test {} {
> Class A
>O::B create o
>o test
># XOTcl 1.2 returns ::A
># XOTcl 1.3 returns ::O::A
>using Class ::A solves the problem
>Another one should not occours by any XOTcl programm
>but by XOTclIDE this happened
>Object O
>Class O::A
>O::A proc test {} {
> A self
>O::A create A
>O::A test
># XOTcl 1.2 returns ::A
># XOTcl 1.3 returns ::O::A
># using ::A solves the problem
>So probably even with XOTcl 1.3.2 XOTclIDE will not work
>out of the box and need some changes.
>So all XOTclIDE user be patience and wait for new version of XOTclIDE
>that supports XOTcl 1.3. I will need also some time to support
>new XOTcl functionality.
>Artur Trzewik
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