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[Xotcl] xotcl-1.3.3 Makefile / configure fixes

From: Jeff Hobbs <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 19:28:07 -0800

Attached is a patch to xotcl to make it build better. The
changes are to correct the build and install both on unix
and Windows.

The fixes correct:

* installation when built outside source directory
* build and installation on Windows using TEA
* more clarity during install-libraries

The addition of VISUAL_CC to the defines on Windows
highlights a generally incorrect usage of Windows-checking
constructs. You can add things like

#ifdef _MSC_VER

in your C code, or better yet it should simply switch on:

#if defined(WIN32)

which tcl.h defines, and for the USE_MALLOC case, something
like this should suffice:

#if defined(WIN32) && !(defined(__GNUC__)

but the changes I made work, just in a less favorable way.

  Jeff Hobbs, The Tcl Guy, a division of Sophos