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RE: [Xotcl] RE: RE: XotclIDE errorReport

From: Jeff Hobbs <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 15:33:48 -0700

Lehmann, Eckhard wrote:
> > If you do not want to develop own XOTcl widget set there
> > are no reasen to rewrite BWidget to XOTcl. XOTcl code can
> > use all tcl packages (Even ITcl).
> It would be better to have a special XOTcl widget set, agreed
> (especially interresting for that is, that it could look like Gtk on
> Linux/GNOME, look like windows on Windows and look like Mac on Man,
> which isn't always true for the current Tk). But that's

That's not really the case with Tk. You can certainly
achieve native look and feel, although it usually does
require some platform specific coding (which can all be
wrapped in abstractions). See also modern widget sets
like Tile (which BWidgets can make use of).

> Combine the maturity and usability of Tk and Bwidget with the (very
> interresting) features of XOTcl, so that people can derive from and
> mixin XOBwidget classes and quickly get their jobs done with
> XOTcl/XOBwidget - and there will be many more users of XOTcl, XOTclIDE
> and Tcl itself (especially "old style Tcl'ers" are more
> likely to switch
> to XOTcl, I think). After or parallel to that it is still possible to
> start developing a special widget set for XOTcl.

I would in general agree. XOTcl could provide the basis
for a real megawidget solution, where others have had to
be band-aids or partial solutions. This would likely
require a few enhancements in Tk or at the C level still
(to really solve the megawidget problem).

  Jeff Hobbs, The Tcl Guy, a division of Sophos