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[Xotcl] mixin and __unknown in 1.3.7

From: Zoran Vasiljevic <>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:47:03 +0200


Seems like this one is broken :-(

lexxsrv:nscp 1> DbsTree d
lexxsrv:nscp 2> d mixin XXXTree
expected a class as mixin but got XXXTree
lexxsrv:nscp 3> d mixin XXXTree
lexxsrv:nscp 3>

The first time it broke, the second time it did.
All of the classes are loaded on demand by the
__unknown mechanism.

If I hoever do this:

lexxsrv:nscp 1> XXXTree
lexxsrv:nscp 2> DbsTree d
lexxsrv:nscp 3> d mixin XXXTree

all is fine.

I do not know when this crept in since we are still
using the 1.1 for our production server. I'm now
starting to move all to 1.3 and, peng!

Please help!