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Re: [Xotcl] Is this a bug?

From: Gustaf Neumann <>
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 12:43:22 +0100

Hmm, are you sure? the script you have sent does not produce the message
you are indicating....

~/scripts> set ::xotcl::version
~/scripts> set ::xotcl::patchlevel
~/scripts> Class X -parameter {
> {y y0}
~/scripts> X instproc init {args} { puts "[self] init '$args'"; next }
~/scripts> X instproc y {args} {
> set x [next]
> puts "[self] y '$args'"
> set x
~/scripts> X create x -y y1
::x y 'y0'
::x y 'y1'
::x init ''
however, most probably it is not doing what you might be expecting.
your method y overwrites the setter method of parameter y, therefore in
this example, not much happens in the next of method y.

maybe you had in mind to overload the setter/getter method, which you can
do e.g. with a mixin (see below)

Class X -parameter {
    {y y0}
} -instmixin [Class new -instproc y args {
  puts "[self] [self proc] $args"
  set x [next]
  puts "[self] [self proc] $args setter returns <$x>"
  return $x

X create x -y y1
puts x.y=[x set y]