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XOTcl/NX mailing list by object move?

From: Gustaf Neumann <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 11:17:50 +0100 schrieb:
> Hi Scott!
> Indeed move in XOTcl is copy+destroy and it is implemented in XOTcl itself.
> ...
> After I have discovered, what indeed move is, I have changed the implementation.
> I think it is a little trap in XOTcl, because many user thinks it is magic fast and do not really destory objects. Indeed it is quite expensive.
note, that there is no "namespace rename" command in tcl as well. Since
xotcl uses tcl namespaces, in the general case a rename command requires
to handle all references (and pointers in C) to namesspaces (including
tcl-command names, aliases, namespace imports, nested namespaces, ...),
when a namespace (with all its children) is renamed.
Therefore in general, a "namespace rename" is much more expensive than
a "command rename". note, that tcl has no "variable rename" command
as well. So, adding such a functionality would require some amount
of C hacking and quite a strong coupleing with the tcl internals.

The implementation of move as copy+destroy is a compromise between
simplicity and functionality. I can imagine cases, where one wants
to have more or less the equivalent to a copy constructor when
copy occurs and maybe something different when a move happens.
However, since all methods are equal in xotcl, it is quite simple
for a poweruser of xotcl to overload copy/move and add applicaton
specific addtional behavior to it. if one does not like the side-effects
of destroy in a move, a custom move operation can set in instance
variable "__during_move__" and query this from the destroy
method to change its behavior.

hope, this helps...

-gustaf neumann

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