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[Xotcl] Debugging in Expect with XOTCL

From: Jegan Kumar Somi Ramasamy Subramanian -X \(jsomiram - HCL at Cisco\) <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 16:03:14 +0530

Hi all,
I have few questions in debugging of XoTcl with expect/tclsh.
1) How can we do debugging from expect? I am not able to use edprocs in
xoTcl. I usually do "edprocs <proc name>" from expect and I will do
necessary changes without changing the actual file. Do we have any such
option in xoTcl?
2) Also, is there any direct way to print or get the variables defined
in a class in expect? As of now, I am creating a simple procedure in the
expect under the required class and I am retrieving the values using
that procedure by calling them with the corresponding object.
3) In case of TCL, while doing debugging we do some changes in the .tcl
file and we just source it in the expect prompt to get the changes. But
in case of xoTcl, I am now coming out of expect and again opening a new
one and giving a "package require <package name>" to get the updated
information. Is there any simple way to do this as I need to reset many
of my environment while doing this process?