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[Xotcl] Xotcl, frag, jacl: how do I migrate to Java?!

From: Nicola E L'INSALATA (UniPI ) <"Nicola>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 16:42:36 +0200 (CEST)

Hi guys, I have a similar question.

So far, I developed a set of software components using XOTcl. These
components are deployed in a (third-party) C application equipped with a
Tcl interpreter.

Now project requirements are changing and they asked me to migrate the
whole framework to Java(!). I was then looking for a simple migration path
that would allow me:
1. to execute the code (as possible) as is in a Java environment
2. to progressively substitute XOTcl Classes with Java ones (the way I
used XOTcl mostly resemble Java paradigms, so I don't expect a hard
translation process)

What would you suggest? I gave a look to Jacl, but it seems to me that I
won't be able to run XOTcl code unless a Jacl XOTcl extension exist.

After Stefan answer, I also gave a look to Frag. Am I wrong, or the
underlying idea of Frag is to run Java code from a Tcl shell? Do things
work the other way round? Is Frag a porting of XOTcl or does it only use a
similar programming paradigm?

Thank you very much for your help and hope this is not too much off topic.


On Gio, 5 Giugno 2008 12:25 pm, Stefan Sobernig wrote:
>> BTW, have you or somebody else already considered to make an XOTcl
>> implementation for Jacl (Tcl on Java)?
> Well, there is a cool piece of (on-going) work which is an
> amalgam of Tcl/XOTcl + Hecl/Jacl, mastered by Uwe Zdun:
> see