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Re: [Xotcl] xodoc

From: Jeff Levesque <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 09:26:51 -0400

While I'm still working on this I have a couple of other questions. I'm
still learning XOTcl so I'm not sure what some of the code I had to change
did or why it was written that way. Hopefully someone can shed some light on
it for me so I don't cause any aggravation for someone down the road.

*Change #1*
>From xodoc.xotcl.
*Original Code:*
set docdb [XODoc [XODoc autoname docdb]]
::_at_ set analyzerObj $docdb
$docdb analyzeFile $file
*New Code:*
::_at_ set analyzerObj [self]
[self] analyzeFile $file

*Reason:* In order to get the inheritance to document correctly, I removed
the call "$docdb writeFile ${docdir}/$docfilename.html $file" and after all
the files are analyzed the write call is made.

*Change #2
*From metadataAnalyzer.xotcl (in a few places in various forms).
*Original Code:*
set t [$procClass create [my autoname ::xotcl::_at_::t]]
*New Code:
*set t [$procClass new]

*Reason:* Creating all the objects with t as a base name caused older
objects to be overwritten with new objects and then I could not longer
access the information I needed.
So I'm not sure if there were technical reasons for the code being this way
but I just wanted to point these things out in case this would be a problem.
In addition to the work I mentioned previously, I'm working on supporting
namespace documentation and supporting xotcl documentation for non-xotcl

- Jeff

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:00 AM, Gustaf Neumann <> wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> your work sounds great (pls. send as well the announced generated samples,
> they
> were not included in your message). We are in the process towards xotcl 2.0
> (there will be a paper at the forthcoming tcl conference); therefore it
> would be
> a very good time for such improvements.
> all the best
> -gustaf neumann
> Jeff Levesque schrieb:
>> Hi All,
>> I hope this is still the right place for this, but I was wondering if
>> anyone
>> has any interest in some changes I've made to xodoc. I've really only
>> added
>> a couple things but they were big requirements for our documentation and I
>> figured it might be this way for others as well. Here's the feature list
>> and
>> what I've completed so far:
>> - Cleanup the output appearance/Make it look more like javadoc (In
>> progress)
>> - List inherited procedures for each class (Mostly finished)
>> - Fix package (_at_ package provide ...) documentation (Mostly finished)
>> - Create a side navigation bar of classes/procedures (similar to
>> javadoc)
>> (Not started)
>> - Add HTML functionality to xodoc as needed (In progress)
>> I've attached a sample of the files generated from my version of xodoc. If
>> other people are interested I would go through and clean up the code
>> before
>> I made it available.
>> - Jeff
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