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Re: [Xotcl] replacing libtcl

From: Kevin Van Workum <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:05:03 -0400

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 9:20 AM, Gustaf Neumann <>wrote:

> On 11.08.10 19:51, Kevin Van Workum wrote:
> > I would like to include XOTcl functionality to my control script, but
> > naively using "package require XOTcl" doesn't seem to work.
> "package require XOTcl" is supposed to work. In xotcl 1.6.6,
> i count
> 128 occurrences of "package require XOTcl".
> If Tcl does not find the package, it might be the case that
> you installed it to some
> directory not on your auto_path or (TCLLIBPATH, etc.), or
> that you are
> using a Tcl distribution, not including it.

That's was I initially thought. so I simply set TCLLIBPATH which didnt'
work. I recently discovered that for security reasons, the invoking env is
not being passed through to the interpreter's env. I didn't think to
manually set auto_path in my script, but now that's what I'm doing and it


> After the
> install you should have e.g.
> /usr/local/lib/xotcl1.6.6/pkgIndex.tcl
> /usr/local/lib/xotcl1.6.6/
> /usr/local/lib/xotcl1.6.6/libxotclstub1.6.6.a
> You can certainly initialize via C as well (using Xotcl_Init()),
> but i would recommend the "package require" way.
> best regards
> -gustaf neumann
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