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The Next Scripting Framework (NSF)

The Next Scripting Framework (NSF) was developed based on the notion of language-oriented programming. The Frameworks allows a language developer to provide multiple object systems in a single workspace. The developer can base the development on a rich set of predefined but extensible set of functions (typically implemented in C) which can be registered on object / class skeletons. NSF provides a basis for defining object-oriented, domain-specific languages.

The name of the Next Scripting Framework (NSF) is derived from the universal method combinator "next", originally introduced for XOTcl. The next command supports method combination with filters, per-object and transitive per-class mixin classes, per-object methods and multiple inheritance.

The Next Scripting Framework is shipped with three language definitions:

  • NX
  • XOTcl 2.0
  • TclCool, introduced in Tip#279  and serves primarily as an example of a small OO language.
The Next Scripting Framework requires Tcl 8.5 or newer.