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We provide various sources of documentation, covering different aspects of the Next Scripting Framework (NSF), the Next Scripting Language (NX), and XOTcl 2. The API references document the Tcl packages and their content: Tcl commands, objects, classes, object parameters, methods; and their structure (e.g., method interfaces, parameter types). The NX example collection  (nx/examples) provides guided coding examples for NX. Some examples are taken in from the Rosetta Code project  to provide for an inter-language comparison.

The tutorials give a narrative and detailed introduction into the NSF, NX, and XOTcl 2.0 features. For NX, there is also a migration guide  available which provides a side-by-side comparison of XOTcl and NX idioms. The migration guide targets developers with some background in using XOTcl.