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Implementation study based on

  1. Ducasse, O. Nierstrasz, N. Schärli, R. Wuyts, A. Black: Traits: A Mechanism for Fine-grained Reuse, ACM transactions on Programming Language Systems, Vol 28, No 2, March 2006

Example in Fig 12: ReadStream and Trait tReadStream

In this example, traits are used to extend classes and other traits.

package require nx::trait

Create a simple trait called tReadStream which provides the interface to a stream. In contrary to a composite trait, a simple trait does not inherit from another trait.

nx::Trait create tReadStream {
  # Define the methods provided by this trait:
  :public method atStart {} {expr {[:position] == [:minPosition]}}
  :public method atEnd {} {expr {[:position] == [:maxPosition]}}
  :public method setToStart {} {set :position [:minPosition]}
  :public method setToEnd {} {set :position [:maxPosition]}
  :public method maxPosition {} {llength ${:collection}}
  :public method on {collection} {set :collection $collection; :setToStart}
  :public method next {} {
    if {[:atEnd]} {return ""} else {
      set r [lindex ${:collection} ${:position}]
      return $r
  :public method minPosition {} {return 0}
  :public method nextPosition {} {incr :position 1}

  # This trait requires a method "position" and a variable
  # "collection" from the base class. The definition is incomplete in
  # these regards.

  :requiredMethods position
  :requiredVariables collection

Define the class ReadStream with properties position and collection that uses the trait. The method require trait checks the requirements of the trait and imports the methods into ReadStream.

nx::Class create ReadStream {
  :property {collection ""}
  :property -accessor public {position 0}
  :require trait tReadStream

Create an instance of the class ReadStream:

ReadStream create r1 -collection {a b c d e}

Test the behavior of the composed class:

% r1 atStart
% r1 atEnd
% r1 next
% r1 next