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Example Scripts

This is a small compilation of introductory examples, language comparison examples, and design studies in NX:

Introductory Examples

  • First steps: Show open class definitions, unknown-handling and per-object mixins.
  • Bagel: This example is a straight translation of the OTcl Tutorial to NX. It serves as a very short intro to the basic elements of scripting with NX and provides a comparison study to OTcl.

Rosetta Examples

These examples scripts are straight translations from the OO scripts of the Rosetta Code Project , which has the goal to show solutions for the same task in many different languages.

Tk Scripts

  • Tk Mini: A tiny Tk script based on NX.
  • Tk Geo: A tiny Tk script in NX drawing nice geometric figures.
  • Tk Spread: A simple spread-sheet like script.
  • Tk Horse Race: A small animation of a horse race game.
  • Tk Locomotive: An animation of a locomotive.
  • Tk Ludo: The board game Ludo/Pachisie/Mensch √§rgere dich nicht.

Design Studies

  • Container: A small design study to implement container classes with different features, namely a SimpleContainer, an OrderedContainer and a SortedContainer
  • Simple Traits: Introductory Traits example.
  • Composite Traits: Composite Traits example.
  • Decorator vs. Ruby style Mixins: Comparing decorator style mixins with Ruby style mixins (modules).
  • *methods: Defining transitive methods.

NaviServer + MongoDB

  • Slide Set 5 : Course Unit - Introduction NoSQL and MongoDB, use MongoDB with NX
  • bi.tar.gz : Business Insider Example with MongoDB and NX (for NaviServer)