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Re: [Xotcl] Sense or non-sense of version-numbers.

From: Uwe Zdun <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 16:12:34 +0100

Hi Adrian,

you're right. The orginal idea was to provide one XOTcl version that is only
XOTcl (the xotcl-1.0.1) on its own and own "full" version with the actiweb
packages etc. especially for students and testing purposes; so someone not
using actiweb does not have to install all the persistence, xml, web object,
etc. stuff just ot use XOTcl; however, since then (to my knowledge) nobody
uses the smaller xotcl-only version. We're thinking about removing the
version number again. I guess, we try to move to the TEA2 directory naming
scheme ....

For you immediate problem: in the makefiles there are variables "PATCHLEVEL"
(this is the release level ... "" for 1.0, ".1" for 1.0.1) and FULLVERSION
defined, which contain the necessary information. Within XOTcl you can get
the patchlevel with "set xotcl:patchlevel":

% set xotcl::patchlevel


On Wednesday 08 January 2003 16:37, Adrian Wallaschek wrote:
> Hi there!
> I do like version numbers, but there is a "too much" in everything.
> What is the deeper benefit of having the version number for xotcl
> recursively even inside the source-tree?
> What actually happens for me is that now I seem to have problems building
> the code because in 1.0.1
> When running xotcl-1.0.1/xotclsh I do find ..../xotcl-1.0 in the auto_path
> instead of the required/expected .../xotcl-1.0.1.
> I haven't yet found out where it goes wrong but it looks like the $VERSION
> doesn't use the revision counter in some Makefile.
> The question is: why all this fuzz?
> Didn't anybody else see this occurring, did I mess up anything?
> Regards,
> Adrian Wallaschek
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> it suddenly does!"
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