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Major changes relative to NSF 2.0b2 are:

   * Additional Features:
     - object parameters:
       call method "assign" on slot objects, when it is provided

     - include "-returns" in introspection for aliases and
       scripted methods. New subcommand "info method returns"
       for nx.

     - better compatibility with XOTcl 1.*:

       * invocation of objects via method interface follows per
         default the XOTcl 1.* conventions. In order to obtain the
         semantics of ensemble objects, the object properties
         "keepcallerself" and "perobjectdispatch" have to be used.

       * better handling of XOTcl 1.* configure commands (starting
         with a "-") when list property is lost (Many thanks to
         Zoran Vasjljevic for the good example)

       * use different version numbers in serializer to avoid
         mixups between XOTcl 1 and XOTcl 2 when both
         packages are installed

   * Improved Code Quality:
     - improved performance
       * rewrite of alias handling (alias reform)
       * improved branch prediction
       * significant speedup for handling large numbers
         of subclasses (subclass reform), avoid
         repetitious computations
       * significant speedup on mass-destroy (e.g. on thread exit)
     - provide better protection for deletion/overwriting
       of base classes
     - fixed potential duplicates on diamond inheritance
     - fixed unknown handling for "-local" and "-system"
     - improved compatibility for windows compilations
       (c89, __WIN32__)
     - fixed potential crashes
         * during method caching
         * error messages
         * implicit deletions
     - follow Tcl convention on error messages
       (start always with lower case)
     - better handling of multiple errors in a single command.
     - return GMT dates in Httpd as RFCs require

   * Improved documentation
     - fixed typos, improve wordings

   * Extended regression tests

  General and more detailed information about the
  Next Scripting Framework and its components can be
  found at