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[Xotcl] Xotcl SOAP/Ramblings..

From: Nicolas Boretos <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 12:17:22 +0300

Hello again,

We are at the onset of a Web based project to be built on, at least the
current thinking is,
on XML/SOAP. Basically, a Web browser interface calling SOAP methods on
a SOAP server.
Initial trials using tcl soap along with the the package's SOAP::domain
stuff under tclhttpd seem
promising, if possibly a bit cludgey and slow...We also work with
Aolserver, but have not looked at ns_soap..

Most of the application are requests for Eurosta data (living in a
postgres db), calculations, and
generating charts, pies, graphs, XML reports etc.

I was wondering as to what efforts, if any are being done along these
lines. I found some tclhttpd/soap etc wrappings
on Mr. Zdun's site, but could not really get these to work (cleanly, at
least). I also found the link below but have not

had a chance to look at it.

Is there anything newer/other along these lines available? Most of our
thinking is to eventually move towards your
ActiWeb/Active Web Objects, but we are still in the exploration phase.
I also have a gut feeling that tis project will grow/change as time
goes, which infers maintainability issues, which is
why we are shying away from our intial tcl/tclsoap approach and more
towards XOTcl/objects....


nicolas boretos